Oakridge believes that every child has a treasure within – a gem that needs a little nourishment to shine, a little wisdom, and a little something called inspiration. Shomie Das, the visionary behind Oakridge, redefined the field in every sense by saying “inspiration begins with great educators”. From provoking curiosity, to making learning fun, the teachers at Oakridge know how to nurture students to greatness.

The school opened in 2001 in the thriving southern city of Hyderabad, and soon opened campuses in Bangalore, Visakhapatnam and Chandigarh. Crucially, Oakridge became the first school in India to use the International Baccalaureate (IB), drawing upon a large pool of IB-trained teachers.

“It was an uphill struggle to convince parents in India of the merits of this relatively new system,” explains Arjun Rao, Principal of Oakridge Hyderabad. “But the founders believed in the power of this global, holistic education. While marks, grades and getting into university is critical, there is so much more to a school. Oakridge children find themselves in an environment that is conducive to the world that they are eventually going to inhabit.”

Oakridge creates an environment that is vibrant and engaging, helping every student become a lifelong learner. This has helped earn it plaudits as one of India’s top international schools, with high standards of teaching methodology, technology collaboration and global culture in every aspect of learning.


Global recognition

For two years in a row (2015 and 2016) Oakridge was ranked by Great Place to Work and Economic Times as India’s top educational organisation to work for. It is also ranked number one by The Times of India’s schools survey and featured amongst India’s Top 10 schools in Education World magazine. For two years running, the school has received the International Schools Award from the British Council – a globally recognised accreditation that is awarded to schools in recognition of their international work.

Such success has come through innovation. Oakridge was the first school in India to equip its teachers with computers, and its classrooms with projectors and smart boards. It’s also a globally connected school, enjoying productive relationships with groups all over the world, including in the US and the UK. “Our kids are constantly travelling the world,” says Rao. “Today Oakridgers are placed in top Ivy League universities and are making strides in various sectors. We are committed to change in the world, to helping kids discover a world that is for them.”