Nile Academy prides itself on building strong and lasting relationships with both students and parents. Those relationships provide the foundation from which pupils can go on to succeed, and they extend far beyond the school gate. “When our students graduate, we don’t forget them and they don’t forget us,” says Anar Mehraliyev, the school’s Vice Principal. “We become a big family.”

Nile Academy was founded in 2005 and is located in the west of Toronto. It is co-educational and privately funded, with around 300 students from kindergarten through to Grade 12. Its relatively small size means there is a high teacher-to-pupil ratio – the average class size is 18, so every pupil is given the time and attention they deserve.

The school is truly international school, with 23 different nationalities represented on campus, and many students board in the school’s dormitories. “The rich cultural mix is one of the key reasons why people are attracted to our school,” says Mehraliyev. “We have built a reputation for caring for individual needs and for diversity.”


Manners maketh the student

While there is a strong focus on academic achievement, the school stresses good manners and morals as the basis for a successful learning environment. “One of our missions is to make sure that our students grow up with sound characters,” says Mehraliyev. “Once we achieve the good manners everything changes.”

Extracurricular activities such as sports and arts are an important part of school life. And students are also encouraged to take part in social projects, teaching them about the wider world and the impact they can have on it.

A strong partnership between teachers and parents is also fundamental to the school. As well as keeping in regular contact with parents, teachers aim to visit their pupils’ homes twice a year to gain a better understanding of their home environment. “A close relationship with parents is really important,” says Mehraliyev. “There is evidence that it is reflected in students’ behaviour and their academic performance.” And that relationship lasts beyond graduation, providing a valuable support network as pupils move into adult life.

While Nile Academy continues to grow in size and reputation, it still feels very much like a family for each of its students. By creating an environment in which every pupil feels valued, understood and respected, it provides the perfect foundation for success.