“We strongly believe that today’s students need to be flexible, confident, autonomous and capable of contributing ideas, so we design our material with this in mind,” says Alex Drey, International Market Analyst at Express Publishing. The Berkshire-based publisher of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) educational products provides teachers and students in over 90 countries with adaptable and engaging study programmes that incorporate the latest online and offline cross-platform technologies. “Our innovative approach,” says Drey, “bridges the gap between technology and pedagogy.”

Express Publishing’s international success is based on its ability to respond creatively to the changing educational and career needs of its audience. Its materials follow guidelines set out by the Common European Framework of References, as well as the framework outlined by the educational think tank The Partnership for 21st Century Learning. “This develops skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and technology literacy,” says Drey. “There is also a strong emphasis on global awareness, taking into account the diversity of countries we distribute to.”


Interactive education

To ensure that learning is stimulating and meets individual abilities, Express Publishing produces hi-tech interactive whiteboard software comprising audio, videos, dictionaries and self-assessments. “And our interactive eBooks and apps allow students who find English challenging in the classroom to practise at home,” says Drey.

Materials at primary level emphasise novelty and exploration; at secondary level, the focus is on task-based critical thinking and problem solving. “Continuous, stress-free assessment, age-related content and opportunities for creative feedback in the classroom,” says Drey, “are some of the aspects that make our books popular among students.”

Express Publishing’s Career Paths series of over 80 titles addresses the growing demand for English in the workplace. “There is a direct correlation between proficiency in English and earning potential,” says Drey. “The series’ cross-platform applications provide learners with instant feedback so they can be used for self-study in their own time.”

Working with respected authors and collaborating with national educational departments keeps Express Publishing at the forefront of EFL provision. “Our mission,” says Drey, “is to make classrooms the world over as dynamic as the world around them. We combine all our printed materials with cutting-edge, cross-platform applications that help make learning a joyful experience.”