“Our main goal is to create life-long learners,” says Dr John Schultz, Head of School at Caribbean School. “We want to encourage students to love learning and embrace it.” A challenging and stimulating curriculum fosters a dynamic school environment, where pupils are inspired and excited to learn, preparing them for leading roles in society later in life.

The school was founded in 1954 in Ponce by people from the mainland United States who were working in Puerto Rico and who wanted their children to continue an American-style education. In its early years the majority of students at Caribbean School came from the US, but while the school continues to follow an American-style curriculum and to teach in English, the majority of pupils are now native Puerto Rican. The school is co-educational and fee-paying, with just under 600 students ranging from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12.

As a selective school with entrance exams at every level, Caribbean School has high academic standards and Dr Schultz says its record for students going on to college is “phenomenal”, with the majority progressing to further education in the US. The school offers 12 Advanced Placement (AP) courses (“far more than anyone else,” says Dr Schultz), which provide college-level curricula and examinations, approved by the American College Board, to high-school students.


Extracurricular activity

The school’s large number of elective courses, ranging from dance and arts, to forensic science and high-level maths, give pupils the chance to explore their individual interests and talents. Students are also encouraged to take part in a range of clubs and other extracurricular activities.

“It gives them a very challenging but stimulating day,” says Dr Schultz. “The students are really excited about school and love to be here.” The large, open campus provides plenty of space for athletics and other sports, and the school competes at a high level. In addition, the school hopes to renovate the gym and build a theatre.

By focusing on helping students understand why it is important to learn and providing every opportunity to inspire and excite, Caribbean School motivates its pupils to excel and to push their own boundaries. And when they graduate, they leave with an inquiring mind and a confidence in their own abilities that sets them up for even greater success in the future.