The scope of art as a force for change has been demonstrated throughout the centuries. In today’s world, the need for creative solutions to the challenges we face is greater than ever. For this reason, says Marjolijn Brussaard, President of the ArtEZ University of the Arts’ executive board, students at the Dutch university are encouraged to reach their potential not just as artists but also as “agents of change”.

As one of the largest and most renowned art universities in the Netherlands, ArtEZ is pioneering new ways to harness creativity and inspire positive progress. “The demand for
the changing power of artists is growing,” says Brussaard. “Our modern age needs art. Art asks questions and brings answers to the major issues in our society today, in areas such as healthcare, infrastructure and sustainability.”

This principle underpins the educational ethos at ArtEZ, where students are encouraged to embrace their capacity to make an impact. “We ask students to challenge themselves, conduct research, be curious and experiment,” says Brussaard. “A strong-minded attitude, originality, passion and determination are essential here, as is the desire to have an impact on the world.” ArtEZ offers bachelor’s and master’s courses in fine arts, fashion, design, architecture, music, dance and drama.

The university has campuses in three cities across the Netherlands: Arnhem, Zwolle and Enschede. Each one is furnished with state- of-the-art facilities, offering students an inspiring environment and a qualified staff of working professionals.



The university sets great store by innovation, research and developing technologies. For instance, in ArtEZ’s own research laboratory, ArTechLab, students of all disciplines conduct experiments – often in collaboration with universities and companies. The ArtEZ Graduate School is a platform for research, knowledge application and Master’s education (e.g. Dutch Art Institute, Master Artist Educator). Research at ArtEZ provides an important contribution both to the innovation of education and professional practice as well as to increasing knowledge and forging a connection with the international professional field.

“ArtEZ is known for its international successful alumni such as visual artist Daan Roosegaarde and fashion designers Victor & Rolf,” says Brussaard. “All exemplify how ArtEZ students can make an important contribution to the world in a professional role that best suits their talents, personalities and ambitions.”