With a portfolio of past projects that includes international landmarks such as Wembley Stadium and Dubai’s Burj Al-Arab luxury hotel, Fosroc operates at the cutting edge of construction technology and looks for graduates who relish the prospect of working in a challenging, fast-moving environment.

“You can shine very quickly here,” says Andrew McTiernan, Vice President of Supply Chain and Technology. “We have advanced chemistry graduates leading international product launches within six months of joining. Because we are a relatively small company, it is easy for talented and ambitious employees to raise their profile and get noticed.”

Fosroc requires recruits who are able to think logically, work methodically and are creative problem solvers. “We work with the application of material and technology to solve problems in construction,” says McTiernan. “This means that we have to combine a very broad and deep understanding of the construction business with a similar knowledge of material technology.”


An international presence

The company is also seeking staff who are internationally mobile. “This is something we are in short supply of and actively seeking,” says Sue Franklin, Vice President of Human Resources. “It often suits people earlier in their careers or those who have a flexible approach to travel. We work in many countries and often provide employees with the opportunity to go on international short-term assignments which is a great way to gain international exposure.”

The company has a physical presence across Europe, Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and Asia, which is a broad footprint for a relatively small firm. Fosroc is a family-owned company, meaning decisions can be made swiftly and talented employees will be noticed quickly. “It’s an intellectually challenging and constantly stimulating environment,” says McTiernan. “We have a very agile centre, so people can be involved in lots of projects very quickly.”


A responsible impact

Corporate social responsibility is taken seriously, with various initiative in place such as a training academy in India which not only focuses on training employees but also provides skills-based training to individual tradesmen and small businesses who are vital economic actors in their local communities. Environmental issues are also built into the core of the company’s activities. For example, Fosroc is participating in the “Materials4Life” advanced research programme along with the University of Cambridge civil engineering department and other leading companies in construction. 

“Fosroc’s mission of ‘constructive solutions’ is all about sustainability, durability and improving service life of structures, and thus reducing the impact on the environment,” says McTiernan. “Many Fosroc products are specifically designed to enable reduction of cement usage in construction, helping to significantly reduce global CO2 emissions.”

Although Fosroc does not operate a dedicated graduate scheme, its internal flexibility and global reach ensures that new employees will benefit from individually tailored training and development programmes. “We understand that everyone has different development needs and we try to ensure that such needs are met, whether in the form of formal or on the job training,” says Franklin. “Our company has the scope and flexibility to help you achieve your aspirations and progress your careers.”